Italy–I happened to mention it

Here’s a classic example of how my beloved Grandmother could get ahead of herself:

I guess this letter is expected! I have mixed emotions regarding your offer to teach in Italy [I was just thinking out loud one day. There was no offer.] First & foremost, that is too far from home! I imagine the pay is good. That’s the only good thing about the offer. Next, I don’t want any of those Italians latching on to you. With all your good attributes, you would be a good catch. Go with them, have fun with them, but leave them there…Saturday am, about 4:00, I waked up & thought about you going to Italy. I had trouble going back to sleep. I hope I don’t lose any more sleep about this.  I am proud of you and your accomplishments. I’m sure you can find something on this side of the Atlantic.

Even back in her younger years, she was quite opinionated.  Have you ever gotten a letter like this from your grandmother?


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