Winter has arrived here in the south. Even the trees know it; they have discarded their leaves in preparation for new ones. I wonder what leaves I need to let go to make room for new growth?

My grandmother’s leaves are the same as always–giving commands that should be requests, eating ding dongs and Rice Krispies treats because she can. I love how she balances her sweets with no sugar hot chocolate. Now, she’s on oxygen all the time. It was good to see her and visit. It was not easy, though. She is an evergreen, I suppose.


Haven’t posted in a while

So I’m here again. Going to visit my Grandmother soon, and I’m sure it will be illuminating, hilarious and uncomfortable. She’s getting old and I am afraid she will die. I had hoped that my family would be immune to death and sickness. Not so. Turns out that we are not immortal, but love remains no matter what.